Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Anders Birthday Trilogy: #2 Nutella-Chocolate balls

The second treat I made for Anders birthday was these amazing chocolate balls filled with nutella, hazelnuts and chocolate wafers. It is again very easy and also delicious. Who doesn’t love Nutella? The finished chocolate ball reminds a lot Ferrero-rocher chocolates. Very nice and it could also be very nice as a Christmas treat. I found the recipe on this site, it is made by this girl who has a very nice blog and is always making very nice things.

Nutella-Chocolate balls

200 g hazelnuts
300 g chocolate wafers
300 g nutella
400 g dark baking chocolate

Take a big bowl. Start by turning the chocolate wafers into crumbs with your hands. Put the hazelnuts in a food processor or a blender, don’t let them become like powder or you can buy finely chopped hazelnuts. Put them into the bowl too. Add the nutella and mix with a wooden spoon or a spatula until it comes together. Put the mixture in the fridge for an hour or so, so that it will harden and that you are able to roll it into balls. I left it overnight. With a spoon, take a tablespoon of mixture each time, roll into a ball and put it on baking paper. Continue until the mixture is all gone. If your nutella balls are melting place them in the fridge or the freezer for a while. It would also be easier to coat them with chocolate, if they have stayed in the freezer for a while. I didn’t need to, because my mixture had become too hard after leaving it all night in the fridge.
Cut the chocolate in pieces and put the 2/3 of it in a double boiler stirring constantly until it melts. When it has melted take it away from the heat and add the rest of the chocolate while stirring until it all melts. Transfer the melted chocolate to a cup or a bowl and with the help of two forks dip your nutella balls in the chocolate, make sure they are coated and place them back to the baking paper. Let them cool and then refrigerate. With one tablespoon of mixture I got 42 nutella-chocolate balls.

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