Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Chocolate terrine with praline wafer sticks

I am posting this recipe a little late, since I made it for New year’s eve but better late than never. It is once more, one of the recipes of my favourite pastry chef in Greece, Stelios Parliaros. It is very chocolatey and a little piece is enough to send the sense of your taste to another level. So, here is the recipe and the link is for the video of the recipe where Stelios Parliaros is making it.

Chocolate terrine with praline wafer sticks

 Recipe video here

1-2 packages of wafer sticks like these
400 g dark chocolate
225 ml cream
300 ml whipped cream or thick cream

Start by melting 100 g of the dark chocolate in the microwave or in a small pan. With a brush, brush about half of the wafers with the melted chocolate, because those will be inside the cream and we don’t them to lose their crunchiness.  Put them on a baking paper to let the chocolate harden.
Chop the rest of the chocolate in a bowl in small pieces. In a pan, heat the 225 ml cream until a little bit right before it begins to boil. That is, when the cream raises in the pan. Pour it over the chopped chocolate, let it stay there for a few minutes and then with a spatula, stir it around until it is a smooth ganache. It will all have the same chocolate colour, without cream or pieces of chocolate around. Let it cool for a little while.
Put the whipped cream or thick cream in a bowl, and fold into it the ganache. You will get a mixture with the consistency of a mousse.
Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap and pour about the 1/3 of the mousse in it. Cover the surface of it with brushed with chocolate wafers, pour the remaining mousse and cover the surface with the remaining brushed with chocolate wafers. Put it in the fridge and let it stay there for about 4 hours at least. Take it out before you serve it and cover it all around with the rest of the wafers. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

It might be a little difficult to cut, if you cut it lengthwise it will be easier.

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